Maurika Moore

Hestia In-Home Support / Founder, CEO

How can women help each other in business?
Camaraderie. Seriously. This can look like support, sharing knowledge, commiserating over mistakes, promoting each other, giving constructive feedback, listening, and so on. Women do business differently than men and that’s a great thing. Diversity adds spice and evolution. We are pretty lucky in Missoula to have a generous network of female entrepreneurs who support each other.

What are you passionate about?
My kids. My work. Humans. “Wondering what it is all about”

How do you “live your values?”
Getting real with my shit. One of my all time favorite mentors was my boss and she used to say “I love to straighten other people’s lives out, it’s so much easier than working on my own.” It was tongue-in-cheek AND shed a light on how we often forget to get real with what we are struggling with. It is one thing to help others succeed (or judge their short comings), it is another to do these same things for one’s self. Sometimes that means loving up on being wrong and growing from it, and sometimes it means loving up on doing well and shining our own light.

What can’t you stop talking about?
Changing the way we provide and receive healthcare for aging adults. It’s a seriously under “talked-about-issue” in my mind. 65 and over is the fastest growing segment of our population with dwindling healthcare resources for this specific time in life.

What would be impossible for you to give up?

Being optimistic and enthusiastic. I’ve gotten quite a bit of slack for this in my life and in return I have learned to tone it down. Ok, I’m still working on that. (notice how I haven’t used a single exclamation point this whole time… that took some determination) But I also know that I can’t be myself without it. Here’s the thing. I choose to expect the best from people and situations. When this is not what happens then I’m disappointed, ok – so I’m disappointed and I want to be. This seems like a heck of a good choice compared to being cynical about people. I guess I could say “yeah, I KNEW that would happen.” but that just feels crummy. In either scenario the other person sees my expectations reflected, and I guess I would rather them see me surprised and disappointed than “I told you so” and disappointed. It just feels better to me this way.

How do you want to be remembered?
I love the Maya Angelo quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I hope I am remembered for making people feel. Hopefully feeling inspired and bright and unique. But maybe sometimes feeling contemplative or thoughtful.

What inspires you in your business?
Helping others. Watching a team take shape and grow. People are incredibly motivating to me.

What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?
When we hear from a patient and their family about how Hestia has given them hope and care they wanted so badly… who wouldn’t want to wake up every day striving to make that happen again? Then we think about growing Hestia to serve in the capacity on a national level. Aaaahhhh!!! (musical chorus singing) I focus on that as my happy place.

How do you accomplish goals?
Oh woman. I am the WRONG person to ask about this. My methods are still forming but in general I think I have learned a few things that help to make goals attainable: Break big goals into bite sized goals, and knock them out bit by bit. Checklists. Follow up. Write everything down so it will happen the way it ought to. No one will work as hard as me to reach my goals, be gracious with others.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give the child version of yourself?
Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine. Trust your intuition.

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