Maja Kazazic

Public Speaker,

How can women help each other in business?
There are large number of women with business acumen, so the expertise may lay in different business area based on where one might need help. So it’s very hard to define specific help unless there is a specific problem.

However there is one problem that women face which is underlying and ever so present, like a white noise, in every industry and that is the discrimination that still happens with women. Women are second class citizens whether we accept it or not. Regardless in which industry or even political office women are a minority (couple exceptions apply for a bad reason) and are also underpaid. It’s 21st century and women have proven we can and do a lot of things equally well, if not better, than men. And not only that, but we do more with less. Women have entered the workforce and are able to manage not just careers but also families at the same time.

So why does this discrimination exist?
I think the major reason is because women criticize women and men equally. Women support men and women equally. While men support men better than women. AND they also criticize women harsher. We have to balance that by supporting women better and criticize men harsher so we can provide some balance.

And the way to do this is that women HAVE to support each other no matter what!!! And what I mean by that is — women are often called the “fair” sex. We try to do the right thing. We look at things objectively and if a woman has done something wrong we are first to point it out. (There are plenty of SUCCESSFUL women examples currently who have been scrutinized by other women for valid and not so valid reasons.) This results in women constantly being the second class citizens. Because men don’t do that. When opinion is being shared by a man and a woman a man automatically knocks of percentage because it’s coming from a woman. So we have to work twice as hard to get to the same place. In order to compensate for that percentage women have to be UNfair and they have to add percentage JUST because it’s coming from a woman. So even if you don’t agree with something — like Hilary Clinton — you should support her because she IS a woman. ALL of the USA presidents have been men. Some of those have been horrific presidents and have caused damage that is irreversible. So how bad could Hilary really be — no matter how much you disagree with some of her stuff? Why don’t we all women unite and have a women president because that will raise a statue for ALL women? When Obama was being elected president many black people voted for him JUST because he was black. No other reason. Some people think he was/is a bad president some think he was/is good. But one thing that everyone MUST agree with is that he reached a new level and stature for all black people in the USA.

Whether it’s politics, business, grocery store, driving, support women just because they are women. Once we are equal it will be easy to get back to the same footing and start criticizing women and men equally. Until then, it’s not a fair game and we need to stop playing fair.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about speaking. I love watching the audience and seeing in their eyes the change my speeches and presentations bring. It’s my favorite thing because I know they will go home and do something good for themselves.

How do you “live your values?”
I beat to my own drum. I am responisble only to me and the cool thing about that is that you can’t (well you can but it’s hard) lie to yourself. Which means that everything you do, you have to start with intention. What is it that you are trying to do and why? And if you know your intentions and you hold yourself responsible and accountable for your actions — you will find peace. Because sometimes you will do things wrong, or cause issues but becuase you set proper intentions and they were pure then you can lay your head on your pillow peacfully. (Unless your intentions are bad — then again — you have to decide is that the person you want to be, and I never do.)

What can’t you stop talking about?
I can’t stop talking about positivity and happiness. I also love to get people out of their comfort zone and make them think outside the box. I think we could all learn how to think not what to think as we have all succumbed to the unhealathy amounts of controlled information.
I also love to talk about healthy eating and food.

What would be impossible for you to give up?
Hope. I can never give up hope. When you go through trial and tribulations like I have you learn that happiness and positivity are key to success. When you retrain your brain to think positively then hope emerges as a sideeffect and HOPE can concer any fear.

How do you want to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as a person that made a difference. Someone who never gave up hope and fought to her last breath.

What inspires you in your business?
People inspire me. This is why I left the corporate world and why I only do public speaking. People are my inspiration and their success is my reward.

What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?
I get really excited for people that truly get inspired by my story and make a change in their lives. I also LOVE that I provide people with hope and strength to get through their tragic and hard moments in life. I have thousands of letters from kids, adults, men, women, who share these emotional stories and moments of their lives with me how my life and my story has helped them overcome their obstacles.

How do you accomplish goals?
To accomplish my goal I have a process that I follow. It’s actually 7 building blocks to success in anything. These building blocks are simple but take some practice and need to be done in a specific order. Most of us, knowingly or unknowingly, do most of them — but many people don’t realize these aren’t steps, they are building blocks. We have to start at the first block and build on it.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give the child version of yourself?
This is a though question…..but it would have to be…don’t grow up so fast!