Angie Ripple

1. What is your morning motivation to do great things?
Nothing motivates like breakfast spilled on the kitchen floor from one of my 3 children, let’s do this!

2. What is one thing you do to work towards a work/life balance?
I breathe. The act of simply breathing contains much power.

3. Name one person who has inspired you in your career.
Rebecca Musy

4. Tell us about your business or profession and how you chose your path.
I am owner, publisher and champion of the people at Bozeman Magazine. I work hard each month to bring an interesting and insightful publication to our readers. I do it all because Bozeman needs a place to come together for information, we connect Bozemanites daily.

5. What is one technological device or app you use that you could not live without?
I recently thought my iPhone was broken, I quickly realized what a powerful tool it is for me. Also, I would hate to be without google or Wikipedia.

6. What is your greatest strength as a leader?
My belief that we all have something valuable to offer.

7. What has been your biggest failure and how have you overcome it?
Self doubt, still working on it.

8. What is success?
For me success is being grateful and pleased with the accomplishments I’ve already achieved.

9. Name one person who is a successful leader.
Ris Higgins, leadership outfitters.

10. What is the one thing you do over and over and recommend to others?