Corey Dostal

Owner and photographer / Corey Dostal Photography

How does female leadership improve our world?
Female leadership can be great and can help our world by showing us that no matter who you are things can get done right and you can do what you put your mind to.

Name a woman who has influenced your life, and describe why she is exceptionally remarkable.
A woman who has influenced my life is my wife. She has picked me up everytime I fall down and pushed me to go the extra step. She keeps me in check when I begin to get off course.

What do you do to help support the women in your life as they pursue their professional goals?
Whether it be my wife or a coworker I come in contact with I try my best to give them the resources they need to succeed. I feel if I can be there when questions arise I can help them conquer the issue.

What can men do to help women break down gender barriers that still exist in the business world?
It’s pretty simple be there and don’t be afraid to give them the resources they need to be successful.

How has supporting a woman in her pursuit of her dreams added value to your own life?
Being there for my wife and helping her reach her goals has helped me to think of new things and see things in a different way.