Chris Lupo

Chris Lupo, Owner of OCD Fit Bozeman, strength coach

1. Name a woman who has influenced your life, and describe why she is exceptionally remarkable.

My Mom. She has influenced my life because she was an exceptional role model and always taught me right from wrong and she did that by leading by example. She is exceptionally remarkable because she was a single Mom for a certain period of my life and always did her best to provide for my brothers and I.

2. How does female leadership improve our world?

Female leadership improves our world by showing a movement away from the male dominated business as usual policies. Although gender discrimination still exists, society as a whole, is generally more open to and conscious of putting women in leadership roles.

3. What do you do to help support the women in your life as they pursue their professional goals?

I encourage my wife to focus on and do what she has set out to do.

4. What can men do to help women break down gender barriers that still exist in the business world?

Men can start by recognizing that these barriers exist and do whatever they can to not enable them to continue. I’m not in a position to hire anybody, but I support the idea that society should give women the opportunity to lead.

5. How has supporting a woman in her pursuit of her dreams added value to your own life?

It’s given me hope for a better financial future for both of us and a more positive mindset so we as a couple will be able to attract more positivity into our life.