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A No Safe Sally is a brave risk-taker; a real mover and shaker; and a lover of life. A No Safe Sally knows that the support she receives from others on her journey is key to really doing great things. It takes a tribe–a tribe of ladies AND gents to make great things happen. Men Who Inspire understand the value of female leadership, and the role that men play in bridging the gender inequalities that persist all around us. A No Safe Sally knows that when No Safe Sallys unite with Men Who Inspire, the future looks ultra-bright.

No Safe Sallys love to give shout-outs to Men Who Inspire. If you are a part of the tribe of Men Who Inspire women to think and do big, then No Safe Sallys would like to feature you on the No Safe Sally’s website and other social media. Please complete the form below. The crew at No Safe Sallys will review your information and will contact you when your shout-out is happening.

Thank you for sharing you with us. Until we meet again, let your light shine and do what you do to help our No Safe Sallys lights shine too.

Watch our video to learn more about men who inspire: No Safe Sallys – Men Who Inspire

Men Who Inspire

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