15 years old

1. What is something that excites you?
Whenever I am riding fast down the field with my horse.

2. How do you positively help others at school?
When I see someone who looks like they need cheering up I go to them and try my best to put a smile on their face!

3. If you could change anything in the world what would it be?
Negativity. I would want no negativity in the world.

4. What do you want to do when you grow up?
I want to start my own business for children with disabilities and allow them to work with and ride horses.

5. Who is someone you look up to and why?
I look up to Brandi. She is a hardworking mom, wife, and friend. I love how she is with her children. Some day I hope to be just like her!

6. What is one goal you have and how are you focusing on accomplishing it?
I would like to become a stronger athlete. I just started weightlifting to improve my strength.

– 15 year old No Safe Sally in Training