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No Safe Sallys “I Believe” Campaign

What does the word “BELIEVE” even mean? Maybe to you it means thinking something is true, even though others don’t see it. Maybe it’s having an opinion or trusting in something with everything in you. Or perhaps to you it’s having the utmost confidence in others and yourself.

To No Safe Sallys it’s all of those things!

• It’s believing in yourself enough to become the best version of you.

• It’s believing in others and seeing the best in the people and the world around you.

• It’s having faith that we can change the world in positive ways.

Our “I Believe” campaign is here to remind the world that it’s ok to have blind faith. That it’s ok to be positive, to imagine, to dream – that’s right folks, WE’RE HERE TO CHANGE THE WORLD! So tell us, what do you BELIEVE in? We know it’s something wonderful!

The artwork for the “I Believe” campaign was illustrated by Kelly Anne Dalton. Seek her out, buy her art, enjoy her awesomeness. We sure do!

I Believe Campaign - No Safe Sallys