Rock Your Real

Young, old, men, women; we all do it.  In fact, even people who we think “have it all,” do it.  We take the smallest mistake, the smallest insecurity, and focus on it so much that our self esteem falls.  The funny (not-so-funny) thing is, this is exactly what bullies do–find your weakness–it’s just not called bullying because it’s self-inflicted.  So why?  Why, when we already need more kindness in the world, can’t we be kind to ourselves?

Well, our next No Safe Sally campaign is going to challenge you to do just that.  We challenge you to ROCK YOUR REAL. The campaign is designed to change your way of thinking, to teach you that it’s ok to be different, that the thing you call a “flaw” is actually a beautiful part of YOU and that YOU are wonderful! Over the course of this campaign we will share quotes, articles, videos and stories of people “rocking their real” all in an effort of giving you permission and support to ROCK yours. We need more kindness in the world and a great place to start is to be kind to ourselves!


Get involved by submitting your own video, photo or article on how you will own your beautiful, perfect imperfection.  

Enjoy this real, vulnerable and (we hope) eye-opening campaign!  ROCK YOUR REAL!”

P.S. These stories are very real and the people that have been brave enough to share them are being extremely vulnerable.  We don’t expect you to understand every story; however, we do expect you to be respectful.

Share your support and if you can’t think of something positive, supportive, and kind to say, please keep your thoughts to yourself.

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