Living Life Through the Eyes and Heart of a Child

The awe and excitement of children is truly an amazing gift. I love to watch Harper play, especially when she digs deep into her imagination and gets lost in whatever world she has created.

One of my favorite things about my sweet Harper and every other child for that matter is their love of one another.

I took harper to the doctor a few weeks ago and she was content playing by herself, but the second another little girl entered the doctor’s office she immediately went up to her and said, “Hi friend, want to play?” I had never seen the little girl before and when I asked Harper if she knew her she looked at me with a very questioning look as to why I would even ask such a silly question and her reply, “No, I don’t know her, but she is my friend and I want to play with her!”

This got me thinking…when do we stop loving one another and accepting each other without any hesitation. Don’t get me wrong I know that there are scary people in this world and that we need to be hesitant heading into new situations, but when do we stop embracing each other like we’ve known each other for years?

I have been watching Harper more closely ever since our interaction in the doctor’s office and every time she sees a little girl around her age she approaches her as if they have known one another from birth. This does not seem to be a one sided gift either. The little girls she approaches welcome her with open arms as well. This is not to say that Harper does not approach little boys because sometimes she will, but she tends to parallel play with boys rather than fully interacting with them.

The most recent occurrence was on our trip back from Mexico. Harper had been such a trooper during our long flights and long lay over. We made it to our final gate to head home and as we were looking for seats she locked eyes with this little gorgeous curly haired blonde girl. The little girl, without reserve, walked up to Harper and said, “Hi! What is your name?” She did not care that they had never met she just wanted to get to know my daughter. Harper with a huge smile said, “HI!! My name is Harper…what is yours?” For the reminder of our hour before boarding they played like they had played a thousand times together. During this time, it allowed this little girl’s parents and myself the opportunity to talk. We talked about traveling, parenting, marriage, music and so much more. When it was time for us to board the little girl’s grabbed each other and embraced in an amazing hug. Our new little friend’s mom and I were talking about how little kids love each other without reserve and questioned when it stops. At this point we also embraced in a hug!

I know I have rambled in this article, but I truthfully want to know why we become so calloused and reserved.

I know that society plays a huge role in this and truthfully I believe that parenting styles have a lot to do with it as well.

My question for you all is, wouldn’t it be nice if we encountered one another like a 2-4-year-old does?

I believe we need to get back to treating each other with the upmost respect and understanding of situations. Let us all try to see the best instead of the worst. I know I am probably dreaming, but for now I want to live my life like my 3 almost 4-year daughter lives hers. Happy and welcoming!

– Jamie Adams