Enjoy your cookie.

If your good you’ll get a cookie.

Do you remember hearing those words as a child? Cookies are often used as a reward for good behavior or to celebrate a special occasion. They are a tangible object you can grasp in your hands, taste in your mouth and enjoy in your heart. Cookies are savored.

During my late teens, my mother made a direct correlation between getting a cookie and a getting a compliment that has stayed with me through the years.

After I had brushed off a compliment she had extended to me she said, “I just gave you a cookie and you crumbled it.”

As women, we are taught to be humble and modest. We have a hard time accepting compliments, and think we may come off as vain if we take credit for our work. So, instead of taking the complimentary words in and embracing them, we deflect or reject them.

We crumble the cookie.

There is a laundry list of reasons why women aren’t comfortable accepting compliments. One of the most prominent ones is that we aren’t use to them. We squirm and don’t believe the words are true, but here is my challenge to you.

Change your response.

Instead of reacting to a compliment with denial or self-insult, keep the cookie whole.

Embrace it. Let it fill you up. Smile and say thank you.