Seriously, laugh a lottle

You know the “type” – the person laughing when everyone else is serious, the one that gets in trouble in class because they’re talking too much, the person in business meetings that appears to be having way too much fun – yep, that’s me! And for as long as I can remember I’ve been goofy and giggly…in fact, I prefer it.

I live for moments of inappropriate giggles, gut wrenching laughter (no joke, when I’m having a bad day, I PINTEREST “funny jokes”), I dance and sing like I should be winning an award (despite the fact that I’m tone deaf and my moves are more reminiscent of Elaine from Seinfeld), I sing everything (literally, all of the time) and when people are too serious it’s almost guaranteed that I’m going to tell a joke or try to make them laugh. I’ve been called a troublemaker, accused of not taking life serious enough, and told to settle down.

As I type this article I’m thinking back to all the times my teachers, family, bosses or even friends have given me the disapproving “settle down” look. Each of them have, at times, made me question whether my actions were acceptable. I am here to tell them YES! In fact, I choose to be a so-called “troublemaker,” because my favorite memories are filled with goofy laughter! Yes, there is absolutely a time to be serious and stay focused, but I also believe that life was meant to be FUN!

In fact, being silly, having fun, and laughing, has helped me get an awesome life. I make a choice every day to find a slice of happy, because, in times of sorrow, a joke has made my pain more tolerable. When I’m angry or grumpy, dancing to my favorite song has changed my outlook. For my family, silly faces, chaos and dance parties have brought us tremendous happiness. And in business, the laughter has turned co-workers and clients into lifelong friends.

So the next time someone gives you that “grow up” look – be a little goofier, dance a little longer, and laugh a little louder. Surround yourself with others that appreciate your unique, fun nature and ROCK YOUR FUN FACTOR! Life’s too short to be boring!

– Courtney Imhoff, Event Allure