Mastering the Art of Reinvention


This is a story of a woman who would not allow constant change to get the best of her. At a time in my life where many women are sending their children off to high school and college, or starting to look at retiring from their established careers, I find myself starting a new job, and living in a new home, all in a new state. 2015 has been the year of change for me–horrible in ways many people could never comprehend, and also wonderful in ways I could have never expected. At the time of change, however, the wonderfulness of the change was extremely difficult to see. At some point, I had to “put on my big girl panties” and do more than just deal with the fallout.  I had to take control and drive my destiny. I had to make sure I was not just surviving…. I needed to thrive.

This is when I decided that all of this change in my life needed to be called Reinvention, and I would become a master at reinventing myself.

In the past year, I went from being a recognizable business owner firmly entrenched in the community, where people knew me and I knew people.  My life was strong, and I was winning the race.  Fast forward six months; I now live in a community where I know no one except my co-workers and husband; I am 44 years old and starting a brand new job in a new-to-me industry; and many of my colleagues are 10 years my junior, including my supervisor.   Well one might ask ‘”why in the world would you put yourself through all of that upheaval when you were so comfortable and established where you were?”

If you spend all your time being consumed by what is thrown at you, you will never actually LIVE your life! You will spend your life, shaking your head saying “why me; poor me; this is so unfair!”I was not going to allow the change to stop me. I decided that I was reinventing myself, that I needed to be in control of this crazy train called life (yup, I just used an Ozzy Osborne song title).

So, here to the new 44 and 3/4 year old badass: a new employee of a massive corporate beast working in a highly technical job. She steps out of her comfort zone and meets her new neighbors. She has coffee with the engineers she works with, and tries to wrap her head around the difference between a bushing and a washer. She goes out after work occasionally with her younger colleagues and enjoys being able to learn from them and grow in her new job. Most of all, she is learning how to like this new reinvented version of herself.

Throughout all of this, my most dear peeps, my other No Safe Sally founders, have been along on this ride with me from afar. Supporting me, never judging me, and being my cheerleaders when I was really down and out. For them I am so very thankful.

So always remember ladies, Reinvent! Take control of that crazy train called life!